GitStack – a simple Git server for Windows

I have recently been in need for a good Git server stack for my degree’s workshop project. For various reasons, the whole system has to run on Windows machines. While I was sure I could setup the complete system on my own, I was too busy to bother, with several exams coming up in February.

Well, I found exactly what I was looking for: GitStack. All I had to do was to download a small executable, run a standard installation process (mostly pressing “Next”, and waiting a minute or two) and then configure 3-4 settings in the friendly web panel. I had to turn off my IIS server for the installation, the installation required ports 80 and 443 to be free, at least until I reconfigure the ports, but I could turn it on right afterwards, as configuring ports is as simple as filling a textbox.

Setting up users is trivial, just a few clicks, and the web panel responds great and with no glitches. Creating repositories is even easier.

And the best of all – the GitStack team is very community-friendly. Try it out!

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